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"I believe there is a different way of teaching and training kids. Training them with love, positive reinforcement, sense of humor, and lots of creativity. I believe they are my partners in my work." 
Ildikó Szedlmayer


"Ildikó Szedlmayer’s fantastic booklet is based on an essential realization: a picture speaks a thousand words. A playful, colorful picture does even more. The pictures in this book stimulate the kids’ imagination in the same way as the graphics of video games – games that are increasingly difficult to draw kids away from these days.

The booklet is an important tool for coaches: the pictures offer a clearly understandable and quick way of teaching. Giving the waterproof pages to the kids will enable them to discuss and clarify the exercises together. As incredible as it may sound, a real professional conversation develops among the children. With the help of this booklet, this conversation can be continued during the actual games, too: the coach’s explanation and communication among the kids will translate instantly into direct situations of the game.

The same children who play unbelievably fast and smart with video games will become quick and clever decision-makers in the water, too. The joy is simultaneously physical and mental, both individual and shared. I recommend it from my heart!."

Dr. István Görgényi


Ildikó is a Hungarian water polo coach and former professional athlete. She spent her childhood competing as a swimmer, started coaching younger children when she was 16, and later graduated from the University of Physical Education in Budapest.

As a swimmer, she won 32 championship titles in different age groups. She was one of the original members of Hungary’s first woman water polo team, winners of the first water polo championship ever organized in the country. In Oslo, in 1985, when women were first allowed to compete in the European Water Polo Championship, her team finished with a silver medal. That said, her primary motivation has never been competing, but more her love of the sport, the water, and the sporting community.

She has been vocationally preparing the youngest generation of Hungarians for water polo for the past 15 years. Her mission is to help children discover the joy of playing together and participating in physical activities.

"I believe that as coaches, we have a tremendous responsibility for the future of these children, and therefore it is important to be open minded regarding how we teach them and how they learn. We need to continuously improve our coaching methods. This book is my contribution."

Ildikó Szedlmayer


Former water polo player and the most decorated water polo coach in the world to date, his team won 3 Olympic gold medals under his supervision.

"If we want to bring our fantastic game closer to kids on any level of play, we must have more books like this to help coaches, instructors, and players at international level."

Former member of the Hungarian national water polo team. Captain of the national team when the team won 3 Olympic gold medals.

"lldikó’s great experience lays not only on a professional base, but also on a pedagogical one, so you can rest assured that every single word and drawing will be beneficial for you."

3x Olympic gold medalist in water polo, European and World Champion player, and World Champion coach with the Hungarian national team

"Her book, Water Polo Primer has long been the core principle for all of us in coaching, and with this wonderful booklet, she materializes the visual experience, too (...)" 

3x Olympic gold medalist in water polo. He was twice selected FINA’s Best Player Of The World.

"I am sure, - that the young water-polo- generation of today will be very enthusiastic about this excellent publication. It demonstrates, clearly and wittily, every important aspect that is to be mastered at an early age."